The Joy of Landscapes

A Complete Guide to Digital Landscape Photography

Article List

Here's a current list of topics so you can access them easily. Whenever I post an article, a link to it will appear below. Eventually I'll have a Photoshop tutorial section as well.

Landscape Photography 101 Articles:

Here you will find the very basic information for landscape photography to get you started. These articles are aimed towards those who know nothing about their manual settings or how to use them. I'll also be including some articles on the principles of landscape photography.

I've compiled this list so that you can go straight to these articles without flipping through my entire blog. I write my landscape articles as I think of topics, so I will be adding more introductory lessons even when I'm writing the more advanced ones.

What Makes a Photo?

Using Your Aperture

Knowing Your Shutter Speed

ISO and Your Exposure Triangle 

Light Metering for Landscapes

Exposure Blending Articles:

This series is one of my more popular collections - it deals with bracketing your images and blending exposures in Photoshop for those hard-to-meter landscapes scenes (like sunsets).

Exposure Blending Part 1: Why to Autobracket Your Images

Exposure Blending Part 2: How to Autobracket Your Scene

Exposure Blending Part 3: Combining Images in Photoshop

Other Articles:

Panoramic Landscapes: How to Take Your Images for Post Processing

Using Your Tripod to Focus Properly

Full-Frame Sensors in Landscape Photography

Bokeh for Landscapes: How to Create Artful Images With Your Aperture

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